Protecting Your Assets over the Holiday Period

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An important reminder to your clients:

Many of your clients will be shutting down for the Christmas period and we urge them to take vigilance with their heavy machinery during this period. Here are a few handy recommendations to pass on:

  • Check your site every 2-3 days to make sure nothing is amiss and will give the impression that the site is being monitored to deter thieves.
  • Leave machines with very little diesel to prevent theft of fuel.
  • Consider isolating the battery power to the machines to eliminate battery drainage and avoid the battery shorting and causing an electrical fire while unattended.
  • Remove and store all machine accessories away from site.
  • To prevent damage from vermin, put bait in the cab and if possible the engine. This will ensure they don’t destroy the cables, wiring and upholstery.

Upon returning to work:

  • Check and remove any dry debris such as birds’ nests which tend to build up in machinery after an extended period.
  • Check the diesel and oil levels before starting the machines.
  • Conduct a thorough check on all wiring to ensure there is no damage. Especially wiring looms, battery cables etc.
  • Check fire extinguishers are in working order before you start back into action in the New Year

For more information on protecting your assets this summer contact the team at TLC Insurance:

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