360 is delighted to announce the promotion of Andrew Reid to Executive Director and shareholder of TLC Insurance.

By February 7, 2024NZ News

It is with great pleasure and pride that 360 Underwriting Solutions can announce Andrew’s promotion to the role of Executive Director and Shareholder of TLC Insurance. After three years working with Keith Penny as a successor for TLC’s leadership, he has now finished his apprenticeship and proven undoubted capability, commitment, and drive.

We have great faith in Andrew and likewise, he in TLC. This is a significant investment by both parties, and we do so trusting that the business is in safe hands. We have real confidence in his ability to advance the tremendous business, brand and team that Keith built, leading TLC into a future of continued prosperity.

Keith, who founded TLC Insurance 25 years ago said it best:

“To me, this is much more than just the sale and purchase of a block of shares in TLC. It comes with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from Andrew and a whole team of people around him in making TLC the best business it can be. This transaction rewards commitment and encourages the long-term development of Andrew and the business as a whole. Along with his role as Head of TLC, the ball is now firmly in Andrew’s hands in taking the business forward over the coming years – who know, could be another 25?”

Please join us in congratulating Andrew on his appointment and yet another milestone in a relatively short but impressive career thus far.



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