Introducing 360 Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd

We are delighted to announce some significant changes to our Construction and Engineering business.

In June 2019, 360 Consolidated Investments announced that it had acquired a controlling stake in the Construction, Mobile Plant and Equipment Agency, eSentry.

The acquisition was made in support of our ambition to develop a capability in the Construction sector on the back of overwhelming feedback and demand from Brokers given the reduction in local and overseas markets.

The eSentry acquisition provided us with an experienced team led by Adrian Martin, a portfolio of Construction business that has provided the foundation for us to build the business and an outstanding online platform to distribute our C&E products via the eSentry online Insurance solutions technology.

One of the critical elements of the acquisition was the decision by QBE to provide capacity for the Construction portfolio.

Over the course of the last year, we have devoted much of our attention to integrating the eSentry team into 360, bedding down the renewal portfolio, and establishing a platform for future growth. In March, we also acquired the Ensurance Construction business to provide us with scale and additional capability and we are now excited to announce the following changes to further enhance our credentials as a genuine market for Brokers seeking solutions in this segment ;

  • From 1 July we will commence trading as 360 Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd and no longer use the eSentry brand to front this market.
  • Our existing 360 Mobile Plant and Equipment business and the Ensurance Construction business will continue to trade as separate subsidiaries, contributing to our overall C&E Offering.
  • eSentry online Insurance Solutions will continue to build technology solutions for the 360 Group and will continue to power much of our online placement facility requirements.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the heritage of eSentry and what Adrian Martin has been able to create over the last 10 years, and thank our broker partners who have supported the eSentry and the Ensurance business during this time.

Whilst the eSentry brand will continue as a technology provider for the 360 Group, the time is now right to launch a new future and a new beginning with the advent of 360 Construction and Engineering, as well as the wonderful partnership with QBE.

Denis Morrissey, Managing Director

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